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Black long hair wig

Black long hair wig

This princess-like curly hairstyle is very eye-catching, and wearing this wig is the sweetest dreamy girl in winter. The slanted bangs are Black long hair wig matched with fashionable big curls, and it is perfect with any bow hair accessories!

The well-behaved Qi Liuhai, with long hair that radiates feminine temperament, makes a very ladylike hairstyle, especially gentle girl. The Black long hair wig current popular hair-tail micro-volume perm, the overall is still dominated by straight hair, warm and sweet like a little princess.

Long hair straight hair is most concerned with the suppleness, brown and yellow hair color fashion and enhance the brightness of the skin, Qi Liuhai’s cute plus headband, exudes a sweet and charming atmosphere.

Black long hair wig

Black long hair wig
Scattered long curly hair draped over the shoulders, reddish hair color highlights the lively and playful personality of the little girl, with the age-old bangs, lively and lovely princess image immediately.

The long development of black shows the pure character of girls, bringing out a refined face. The perm treatment of the hair micro-volume is very princess style, and the headband makes this curly hairstyle stand out.

Curved jumping rhythmic curls wrapped around the cheeks, and the rich hair shattered on the shoulders, revealing the pretty girl image.

In the hair, the color of the hair dyed in the hair is Black long hair wig more fashionable, and the curly hair at the beginning of the bar is full of feminine beauty. Abundance of hair on the shoulders creates a charming romantic atmosphere.

Silky long straight hair, cute and sweet. Long straight hair is a hairstyle that many girls like, and if you are worried about taking care of it, try this wig, with a bow that is more pure and princess.

Long curly hair with a trend of style has always been favored. The delicate curvature combined with the dark brown hair color, plus a slightly curved bangs, the fashion princess is none other than you.

Popular wig

Popular wig recommendation

Girls who like wigs are much more happy, and changing the shape can give them a different mood. With a beautiful shape, they will be Popular wig confident. Recommend a few sweet wind wigs, go out every day.

Girls who like wigs are much more happy, and changing the shape can give them a different mood. With a beautiful shape, they will be confident. Recommend a few sweet wind wigs, go out every day.

Sweet medium long curly hair

The shape of the curls is remarkable in both curling and color, and the volume is suitable. The sweet girl’s choice is the best choice. It can be Popular wig worn with a lady’s style or sweet clothes, and it’s a good time to go out for a date or a blind date.

6 popular wigs recommended to create a realistic hairstyle girl

Popular wig

Cute pear head

Qi Liuhai, brown hair color, large volume on the cheeks can be a good face, the gloss is also very natural, can you see a wig?

Bobo head

The wave head with personality enhances the sweetness index, the shape of the bangs and cheeks, and the natural hair color are very realistic, and it is Popular wig very beautiful.

Big curly hair

Brown big curly hair, the waves are concentrated below the squat, the volume is very colorful, sweet and full of wind.

Chestnut wave head

The hair is more curved, the bangs are oblique, and the Popular wig natural chestnut color is not as realistic as the previous ones, but it is beautiful and sweet.

wig ponytail

Wig ponytail makes you youthful and eye-catching

Many girls think that the ponytail is too monotonous. Some of the crushing hairs are really not very optimistic. Today Xiaobian recommended 6 stylish and energetic wigs, allowing you to have a stylish and beautiful wig ponytail shape. .

How to make a girl’s wig ponytail hairstyle look good? This gradient color wig ponytail, the side of the tie hair design, with oblique bangs cut, face and face, sweet smile, youthful and pretty.

wig ponytail

This golden tung color curly ponytail is highly sturdy and full of youthful vitality.

Amy is the vocation of every girl, but how to manage hair is more beautiful and beautiful? This long high ponytail hairstyle, the ponytail is treated as a braided shape, exquisite and eye-catching.

Wig ponytail makes you youthful and eye-catching


How do you look good in the middle and long hair? Brown hair, take care of the shape without bangs, take Liu Hai as a fluffy look, with a  fashion ladies wigs towering curly ponytail, a delicate face, and a pretty fashion.

How to curl up the hair is more attractive? The brown long-haired curly hair style, simply tied into a towering ponytail, with a sweet smile without bangs, delicate and lively.

No bangs hairstyle, but very picky, this bangs-free high ponytail hairstyle, supple long straight hair, natural behind the back, with a white sweet smile, highlighting the youthful and playful style. Produced by Xiufa

short wig

Short wig, give a girl who doesn’t dare to cut short hair

Short wig linen gray with short hair, neat hairline, covering the cheek with one side of the bangs, the other side behind the ear, elegant and intellectual. The short-haired pear head of the mature style, with natural black, is both stylish and line-like.

Short wig, give a girl who doesn’t dare to cut short hair

The linen gray is divided into short hair, neatly hairline, covering the cheek with one side of the bangs, and the other side behind the ear, elegant and intellectual.

The short-haired pear head of the mature style, with natural black, is both stylish and line-like.

The mature pear flower is scalded, the bangs are sideways, and the tail has a micro-volume shape, which makes the MM’s face look more perfect.

The arc-shaped BOB short wig, the black-brown hair color is soft and shiny, and the tail buckle is more youthful and cute.

The hot short hair wig gives a feeling of alternative and youthful vitality. It is very tender and tender. If you want to tie a short hair, you can try it.

short wig

The chocolate-colored hair color highlights the girl’s most natural and purest atmosphere, and the campus style is very strong. The contrast between Qi Liuhai and the hair extensions on both sides highlights the girl’s docile and well-behaved temperament. This girl-like girl who is next to her does not love.

wig chignon

What is the meaning of wig chignon?

When a girl is doing hair, the hair is always raised, so what is the meaning of a girl’s curiosity, what kind of hairstyle can be called a hairpin? How is the wig used? In the various wig hairpin making tutorials for girls, learn to match wigs, not only to consider the relationship between their hair style and wigs, but also to refer to the girl’s wigs in which position is fixed. Wear it, here is the tutorial of the wig chignon!

Don’t want bangs girls’ wigs and high-tied hair styles, using the same line of curly hair as the hair color, girls without bangs wigs and high-end hair styles, after twisting the hair has fluffy curls, the hair is still Very stereoscopic.

What is the meaning of wig chignon?

wig chignon

Most of the wigs are fixed directly with hair clips, and the other is that the wig with clips is hollow and the inside is hollow, making it easier to fix the hair strands.

Don’t let the girls in the bangs tie their hair, put the hair completely to wig chignon the hair roots, and tie the hair on the top into a twisted hair.

p> After adjusting the wig, fix the hairpin directly from the  side after fixing the position of the scalp head.
The hair of the hair plate inside is bigger, and the girl’s wig is more full. Girls’ wigs and haircuts should have a slightly three-dimensional sense of neatness. When haircuts are used with wigs, they are more tangled curls.

Perfect wig

Perfect wig, goddess must

Lead: Goddess daily long hair or short hair style are beautiful, is the focus of everyone, but when they wear unsuitable wigs, they will be Perfect wig spoiled whether they offend the stylist. Looking at the wig pattern of the above goddess, I couldn’t help but ask how hot the wig is? Is everyone wanting to compare with Cleopatra?


Tang Wei wig

Tang Hao’s daily hair style is sweet and lovely, and her wig shape makes her star taste less. The short bangs have no sweetness in the past, and the shaving effect is not good. It looks like the face is bigger than the long hair, which is Perfect wig really not as good as her long hair style. .


Tang Wei wig

When he was silently broadcast, the wig shape in Tang Yin’s play suffered a lot of spit, but Xiaobian wanted to say that the wig shape inside was not the worst. Before Tang Yin’s anti-Japanese drama, Qi Liu Haibo’s head shape was even worse. Suitable for her, completely cover her sweet temperament.

Perfect wig, goddess must


Fan Bingbing wigPerfect wig

The beauty of Fan Bingbing is very diligent as a spokesperson for wigs, and he will wear wigs from time to time. Fan Ye’s long hair is sweet Perfect wig and lovely, and the whole person looks very youthful, but Qi Liu Haibo’s wig shape is good, but it looks old.


Fan Bingbing wig

Fan Ye’s mid-length fluffy long hair is not only beautiful, but also full of momentum. The fake short hair of the lid is not so glamorous.