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Long hair wig

Long hair wig

This kind of curly hair gives people a kind of Long hair wig aesthetic and refreshing feeling, slightly inclined bangs, touching curly hair at the tip, youthful age, sweet and charming, with a unique youth breath.

Whether it’s light brown or dark brown, it’s beautiful. It shows different little fresh feelings. Such long hair wigs are very popular with fresh and sweet MM Fan.

Dark Brown sloping bangs with long curly hair, big wave hair tip appears sweet and moving, exuding a unique charm, the bangs slightly short hair wig edged to add a bit of natural and sunshine flavor.

Long hair wig

Long hair wig

Sells the sprout lovely again to Long hair wig put on such long curly hair, the super sweet Fan, if the human pities has the wood to have?

Pure and moving long straight hair, with a unique beauty, straight hair, Qiping bangs, layered hair, age reduction effect is very popular.

Brown hair adds fashion and sweetness. I like the Long hair wig elegance of straight hair. It is very popular in 2013.

The super popular style of long hair wig in 2013. Do you like this kind of wig? If you like it, pick one for yourself.

Wig piece

Wig piece MIX flower bud sweetness hairstyle changes with heart

Let’s first look at these two perfect hair effect. With the matching of wigs, the flower bud immediately appears full. Does it Wig piece make you very heartbeat? Here’s how to make it.
We need to prepare a wig before we have a haircut.

The tall Brown bud stretches the three-dimensional sense of the face, and instantly appears refreshing and vigorous. An orange Cute wave head wig bow dotted with sweet eyes.

Step 1: First, tie your hair into a pill head.
Step 2: Take out the wig piece and wrap it around the pill head.
Step 3: Finally, fix it one by one with a black hairpin.

Wig piece MIX flower bud sweetness hairstyle changes with heart

The fluffy hair is sweet and gorgeous, but the natural head is not so developed. So why not try a wig?

Wig piece

Step 1: Fix the wig piece on the tied ponytail.
Step 2: Then twist the wig piece and the horsetail to the top of your head.
Step 3: Turn the tail into a bow.

long curly hair

Six temperament long curly hairstyles

With the arrival of the spring day, the temperature gradually rises, and the cool and sweet long curly hair begins to become the first choice for MM perm. selects six long curly hair styles that are most suitable for spring and summer temperament. Such long curly hair exudes a small fresh temperament, sweet and charming.

long brown hair is warm and feminine, and the fluffy and delicate perm waves create a sweet and romantic atmosphere. It can bring out the skin tone of pink and white, and it is full of sweet temperament.

The most favored 6 temperament long curly hair style recommended in spring and summer

Six temperament long curly hairstyles

The fluffy bangs cover the entire forehead, just the right eye. Long curly hair does not swing into the ear, showing a white complexion and a refreshing atmosphere.

The long hair curls have always been the goddess’ favorite, both ingeniously modifying the face shape and showing the perfect facial contour, and the mature woman is full of style.

long curly hair

The side of the long curly hair is boiled and fluffy, and the inner buckle is swayed along the corner of the eye to modify the delicate facial contours, showing a sweet and sexy temperament.

Long face MM can try this long curly hair style. The thick bangs cover your forehead and make you face and face. Coffee long curly hair is warm and sweet.

Cute wave head wig

Cute wave head wig

The golden brown supple hair makes this most fashionable glamour hairstyle with a silky smooth texture, which can highlight the fashionable taste. Liu Haishun, who is on one side, is slick and docile, covering one side of the eyebrows to show a strong effect of repairing the face. The straight hair on both Cute wave head wig sides of the cheeks is rolled inside the tip of the hair, and the beautiful curvature perfectly depicts the girl’s elegant temperament.

Short perm wig hairstyle

A short, perm hair that expresses a sense of style. The perm on both sides of the cheeks is extremely fluffy, and there are no regular curls piled up at random, which will dye the unrestrained personality. The beautiful slanting bangs draws the beauty of the arc, and the look of the beautiful makeup is more fresh and elegant.

Handsome wave head wig

The slightly messy hair flies out of the beautiful lines, and the contours that are free and easy to express are presented without the contours that can be shaped. Dark brown hair color is steady and subtle, without too much Cute wave head wig exaggeration. The long bangs are skewed to one side, showing a handsome and compelling side while modifying the face.

Oblique branch bangs pear head

This wig-shaped pear head creates a pure and beautiful female student’s image. The inner buckle of the pear blossoms has a black color, which makes the hairstyle look comfortable and sturdy. The bangs design is divided into a little forehead and the face is modified. Create a book of books.

Black wave head wig hairstyle

The supple bangs, the inner curl of the hair, such a simple wave head wig can highlight the pure and beautiful temperament of girls. The pure black hair color is not too much modification, but the girl’s skin color is more rosy, with the delicate facial features, to create a beautiful little girl image.

Straight bangs inside the wave wave head wig

The golden brown wave-head wig makes the whole person immediately show the moving youthful vitality. The supple straight bangs are neat and tidy, emphasizing the charming big eyes of the girls. The curly hair on both sides of the cheeks draws a nice line, depicting the girl’s feminine temperament, and the fashion taste is appreciated.

Supple wave head wig

A sleek, wave-head wig with a lustrous aesthetic that creates a softer feel than real hair. The hairline of the doc is tightly buckled on the cheek, and the nice cut looks stylish and stylish. The deep reddish brown makes this wig look more fashionable and the temperament is highlighted.

Cute wave head wig hairstyle

Cute wave head wig

A cute bobo head is perfect for a sweet girl’s choice. The supple hair is free to fall, and a delicate and radiant hair style is superimposed. The playful oblique bangs extend to the double eyebrows, and the inner buckle hair on both sides of the cheeks emphasizes the beautiful face of the girl, and the cute and cute expression is even more exciting.

Dark brown wave hair type

The dark brown layered wave head design, with a very delicate hair texture, with a stylish hair color with a slight radiance, has a very good Cute wave head wig effect on girls with slightly darker skin. The slanted bangs comb on the forehead, naturally combing the most fashionable charm on the cheek position, the thin feeling is very suitable for the round face.

OL fashion wig

Human hair products OL fashion wig hairstyle

The short hair wig hairstyles are mostly mature and capable. In order to reflect their professional quality and excellent mental state, they OL fashion wig are all short-handed with skillful and intellectual short hair. This short hair style can not only highlight The maturity of women can also reveal your enthusiasm…

The short hair wig hairstyles are mostly mature and capable. In order to reflect their professional quality and excellent mental state, they are all short-handed with skillful and intellectual short hair. This short hair style can not only highlight The maturity of women can also reveal your enthusiasm.

OL fashion wig

Wen Jing long straight hair wig hairstyle OL also has a lot of quiet women, but for them this quiet long straight hair style is more appropriate, so OL fashion wig it does not look too strong and capable, giving a feeling of difficulty to get close, Instead, there is a more intimate ladylike feeling that can greatly increase your popularity.

Human hair products OL fashion wig hairstyle

Qi Liu Hai plus curly hair wig hair boring work makes OL very annoyed, then try to sing the bangs and curly hair of pure small sexy hairstyle, hanging on the cheeks of the curls to modify the body effect, so beautiful hair style can make Your bad mood is gone, and you are fully committed to your work.

Line short hair wig hairstyle tried a lot of hairstyle OL, are you the most feminine hairstyle? If so, don’t miss this hairstyle, the line is very rich and the OL fashion wig messy hairstyle, you can be sexy and glamorous, cute and charming, can help you find the female charm that has been lost for a long time.

long straight hair wig

Oblique bangs long straight hair wig

Different hairstyles for 7 days a week, I don’t know if there is any MM or Xiaobian, I have had this dream. Now this netizen MM A 4 is realized long straight hair wig with a wig! Let’s take a look at her amazing hairstyle! If you want to be smart, you can definitely meet your requirements!

NO.1 oblique bangs short hair wig

The oblique bangs have the effect of lengthening the face, and the short straight hair is very refreshing. I have always admired the short-haired girl’s cool and handsome posture, this short hair really makes A 4 too full of practical addiction.

NO.2 oblique bangs long curly hair wig

A 4 super love of a medium long curly hair, dark brown is very natural and very versatile. Petite MM can try this length of curly hair, neither too long and cumbersome but also charming, really good!

NO.3 flat bangs retro short curly hair wig

Ping Liu will show a round face, girls who want to make themselves look more cute can try. The fashion trend has been a reincarnation for 20 years. This short curly hair fully satisfies the pursuit and imagination of A4.

NO.4 oblique bangs long straight hair wig

long straight hair wig

The long hair style is always the best partner for the autumn, and the face repair effect is just right. Whether it’s matching pants or dresses, it’s good.

NO.5 oblique bangs natural volume long hair wig

The long curly hair that has the perfect natural curvature is the dream of A 4 hours. A little boy felt that only a girl with beautiful long curly hair could be long straight hair wig called a “beauty”! ! Maybe A 4 is not so soft and beautiful, but this long curly hair can really help A4 to find a soft feeling~~

NO.6 flat bangs micro-volume medium long hair wig

Light brown hair color with brightly colored tops, slightly raised hair ends add a playful feeling. Very suitable for a lively girl!

NO.7 oblique bangs short curly hair wig

A 4 recently short-haired short hair, according to their preferences to long straight hair wig take care of neat or chaotic effects. There will be no different feelings!

NO.8: White flat bangs BOB head wig

Finally, I will show you the baby at the bottom of the A4 pressure box. This is a gift from a good friend a year ago. When used in a 4th performance, it will definitely detonate the shape of the audience~~ Super love~!

Give a little advice to the MM who loves beauty:

The middle whirl of the wig should be aligned with the top of long straight hair wig our head. It will be natural to find the right position.

flower head wigs

Sweet pear flower head curl wig flower head wigs

Lady Gaga’s bow wigs are worn with thick wavy hair with a flower head wigs matching bow wig and black-framed glasses for the college-style Lolita.

The Japanese hair style of the street violent people, this is a sweet pear head, with a silver-colored highlighting sword on one side turned into a bad girl, full of personality.

Princess style small loli, the heavy volume is the basis of the shape, the six-four-point oblique bangs and the long curly hair of the coil, the top of the head is blown high and the wig is hidden and decorated with a noble atmosphere.

The sweet side is tied, the bangs are slanted, and the long hairs of the cheeks are hanging down to create a small face effect. The braided hair band with the hair color is slightly ethnic, and the electric eye of the long eyelashes is full.

Sweet pear flower head curl wig flower head wigs

flower head wigs

The non-mainstream hair style of the visual system is full of Qi Liuhai, and the curls of the explosion head are tied into a ponytail. The flower head wigs  light gold hair dye is very dazzling, and the Korean hair accessories are very playful.

The cute and popular Liu Hai, which is unchanging, shows a handsome double horsetail. The light color dyeing makes the curling level more obvious, and the scratched and slightly dry hair creates a three-dimensional curvature.

Non-mainstream can also shape the lady’s hairstyle, the long hair of the wave curl is tied into a high ponytail, the curls are hanging down on Fashion Korean wigs one side like a waterfall, and the lace-shaped headband adds a non-mainstream atmosphere.

The celebrity’s breathless non-mainstream wig, neatly flower head wigs dressed bangs to modify the facial lines, the top of the towering arc has a retro flavor, with a wig bow and hairpin decoration, exudes extravagant temperament.

A non-mainstream hairstyle with a rebellious personality, the asymmetrical design reveals a self-style, with a sweet pear-head curl on one side and a fluffy ponytail with bow-hair hair on the other.

Asymmetrical short hair wig

The thick bangs and the short hair on both sides of the cheek are completely wrapped around the face, which clearly highlights the short hair wig small face effect. The soft hair color is very youthful and adds a trendy short hair wig.

This smooth and smooth Qi Liu short hair is a must-have for round face MM! Slightly thick wigs have a small face effect, plus Mocha color hair, stylish and sweet.

Asymmetrical short hair wig

Natural fluffy short hair wig, fine bangs set off a good face, the left and right asymmetrical hair style highlights the stylish personality.

short hair wig

Orange hair dye is the most popular and bold personality of this season. With a short hair style, it is easy for you to walk in fashion. This wig is short hair wig best for MM who doesn’t want to hurt.

This BOB head wig is just the color of the hair has wig chignon attracted the eyeballs of others. The hair style of the buckle can really play the effect of repairing the face. Qi Liu is age-old and cute.

The short hair style of oxygen beauty highlights the unique charm of pure beauty girls and exudes a refreshing temperament.

The slightly exaggerated BOB head wig, with bright hair color and more short hair wig Japanese style, the atmosphere and stylish star feeling.

The supple short hair is light and elegant, the black hair color is age-reducing and the skin is white. This cute hair wig is very suitable for MM who wants to wear tenderness.

The short hair style of the hairtail micro-volume, the soft texture of  short hair wig this wig plays the role of elongated face shape, Qi Liuhai creates a small face effect, warm and charming.