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fashion ladies wigs

Five fashion ladies wigs

Guide: The following are five new models of fashion ladies wigs, like a look!

For the ladies now, the wig is a very fashionable hair style, then the following small series sent five new models of fashion ladies wigs, like to come and see!

Sweet fashion lady wig

fashion ladies wigs

The long hair wig picture of the sweet girl series, the straight hair straight hair hanging quietly, the combination of bangs and fashion wine red hair color, absolutely the choice of  new wig!

Gentle and smart lady wig

The mid-length micro-involved pear flower wig hairstyle instantly presents the girl with a gentle and pleasant side, and the smooth hair is doubled in texture and skillful.

Five fashion ladies wigs

Sweet and elegant lady wig

The long straight hair wig picture, the bangs hair that is lifted up, let the girl reveal a delicate and sweet face, without any modification effect, wearing a dress, it is already elegant and versatile!

Fashion temperament lady wig

The long curly hair style that looks a little fluffy effect is undoubtedly a wig series that makes women’s hearts love. The big rolls of hair bloom in the most beautiful arc, dyed a brownish yellow hair color, stylish and temperament!

Sweet cute lady wig

A lady’s wig hairstyle that best expresses youthful vitality. The medium-length hair is blended with a slight curl, and the temperament of the bangs with the little red riding hood is sweet and cute!

The above is a new picture of five fashion ladies wigs, see which one you prefer!

sweet wig

Girls look good and sweet wig hairstyle

Guide: The following is a girl’s sweet and beautiful wig hairstyle, like a girl may wish to sweet wig see it!

Want to change a variety of different hairstyles? Then choose a wig that suits you. Today is a picture of a girl who looks good and sweet, and likes it!

The mid-length girl’s wig hair style, micro-rolled hair tail design, full of cute and sweet atmosphere, bangs are pulled sweet wig up by the hairpin, but also a super pink beauty show perfect, let you charming more beautiful Full.

Fresh fashion girl wig

This wavy head wig hairstyle, more short hairpin, visually has the effect of ultra-thin face, simple oblique bangs, with pink beauty, summer is enough to give people a fresh and stylish beauty.

Fashion elegant girl wig

Girls look good and sweet wig hairstyle

sweet wig

The wig hairstyle of Perm Hair Perm is believed to be a hairstyle that many MMs love. Straight hair combined with curly perm, and finally with irregular bangs, the face is stylish and elegant.

Romantic sweet girl with raw wig

Super beautiful girl wig hair style, big wave long hair gives a super romantic woman taste, highlights the hair of brownish yellow sweet wig hair, with a short bangs design, but also another sweet and beautiful fashion.

Temperament girl wig

The long curly hair style of the egg roll, such a wig can highlight the sweet wind of the princess, the bangs that are divided by the flower hair accessories are designed to look good, the temperament is good, the white dress is very charming.

The above is a picture of a girl who looks good and has a sweet wig hairstyle. If you are interested, come and have a look.

Bobo head wig

Bobo head wig hairstyle

These wave head wigs are very suitable for the students and sisters. Recommend a few wave head wig hairstyle pictures, instantly make you Bobo head wig younger, and the shape is quite youthful.


Brown-yellow wave-head wig, it looks like a trend of fashion, with a small bow, so that the shape is more sweet and youthful, with orange-pink makeup, instantly become a young student sister ~~


Such a wave head wig, at first glance, makes people feel Bobo head wig super cute, is a wig that students can not miss, natural hair color looks so beautiful ~~


Bobo head wig hairstyle

In the cold winter, do not want to toss hair, a student girl Bobo wig is also a good choice, air bangs have, soft hair does not need to comb and can Bobo head wig be built, such a wig looks very neighboring sister temperament ~ ~


The cute student girl likes this wig, the Bobo head is matched with the hair color of the buckle, the beauty effect is great, and the denim overalls are released to release your youth~~


Bobo head wig
Bobo head wig hairstyle

The airy bangs are matched with the short hair of the wave head, and the brownish hair dye of the trend. How can such a wig not make people fall in love? The trend index is simply a burst of the table, so that your Bobo head wig face value is also improved a lot~~

After reading the picture of Bobo’s wig hairstyle, there is a wooden wig with a heart, and it is better to act like a heartbeat, and quickly lose a piece~~

short wigs hair

Short wigs hair Face shape is beautiful

If you are dissatisfied with your hair style, it is better to choose a suitable wig to make a concave shape. The pear head wig is very good, so what type of short wigs hair face is suitable for pear head wig? Hair styles must be chosen to show the beauty of them, revealing your perfect face, beautiful and beautiful.

Suitable for face: long face, square face

Very small and fresh pear head, at first glance, gives a pure and charming feeling, the tail of the buckle, the trim of different levels, or the very popular dark brown linen dyed hair, it looks beautiful, no matter You are a working class, or short wigs hair a hairstyle that is suitable for both students and sisters.

Suitable for face: diamond face, long face, round face

Pear flower head is very elegant girl’s elegant temperament, with the airy bangs, watching the age is younger, so the perfect wig hairstyle, I believe everyone will fall in love, casually falling hair, full of femininity The color of the milk tea color is light.

Suitable for face: diamond face, round face, heart face

In the bangs of the pear flower wig, there are two different hair color choices, dark dark brown hair, and avant-garde personality linen, such a short pear head, looks really beautiful, wants to be everyday Different shapes, planting this wig, is a good choice!

Suitable for face: square face, diamond face, round face

Thin bangs with pear head wigs, different levels of trimming, hair falling down at random, just looking at it is very beautiful, but also short wigs hair has the effect of repairing the face, making your face smaller, very colorful hair color, like The pear-haired girls are used for reference!

Suitable for face: heart-shaped face, round face, diamond face

Pear flower head short hair style, look very cute temperament, or a very colorful pink hair color, lined with a very white complexion, the wig will be ok, the hair is also very ok, sprouting, such a hairstyle is One of the most loved hairstyles of many MMs, MM who don’t want to bother to cut their hair, can choose such a wig~~

Suitable for face: heart-shaped face, long face, diamond face

short wigs hair

Every day, you want to choose a wig that suits your face. The pear head wig is a good choice. It is elegant and feminine. The hairline inside is buckled to perfectly highlight the heart-shaped face. The beauty, with exaggerated short wigs hair earrings, enhances your style.

Short wigs hair Face shape is beautiful

Choose a wig that suits your face to make you look more temperament. The above is suitable for different face types of pear head wig hairstyle, according to your face type vegetable wig.

Wig feast

Wig feast

Lead: Jeremy Scott’s stunning eagle feather style on the show makes the wig quickly hot. It is especially important to learn how to Wig feast use wigs. The use of wigs can not only help you solve many hair problems, but also quickly…

Jeremy Scott’s stunning eagle feathers on the 2013 show make the wigs hot and hot. It’s especially important to learn how to use wigs. The use of wigs can not only help you solve many hair problems, but also quickly create thousands of different shapes. It’s hard to think about fashion!

Authentic wigs

The pleasure and beauty brought by the wig makes the women want to stop. The right choice and the correct wearing method can add more points to the wig. If you can do the following three steps, you will be able to become a wig.

Step1 selection

Many people pay attention to picking a wig when they choose a fashion-avant-garde and favorite style. Aesthetics is of course important, but it is Wig feast more important to choose a wig that suits you, otherwise it will look ugly. According to the face and skin color, you can ask the transfer staff to try it out for you.

Wig feast

Step2 preparation

To make the wig a fake, it is very important to work in detail when wearing a wig. You must not reveal the “horse”. Therefore, we must prepare some tools to help the wig wear impeccable: elastic hair net, hair comb, hair clip, hair ring, hair wax, stereotype spray and so on.

Step3 trimming

After all, the wig is different from the natural hair. After the wig is worn, it must be adjusted slightly to make the wig and the real hair blend together to show the most natural side. First, after wearing the wig, you should check the Wig feast effect carefully in the mirror, whether it is adjusted to the most suitable position, and secondly, in order to blend well with the real hair, you can trim the wig slightly, especially the bangs and the tip of the hair.

Supernatural fake bangs Wig feast

Representative T-stage: Emilio Pucci

If it weren’t for the leak of hair stylist Luigi Mureno, almost no one would find any flaws in the hairstyles of the 2013 Emilio Pucci fashion week, it is so natural, even called “a Kate Moss hairstyle that shines in the 70s. “But it’s true that the bangs of the models on the T stage are all playful wigs that have not been trimmed, so people can’t wait to buy wigs.”

Punk stitching length and hair

Representative T-stage: Jean Paul Gaultier

Inspired by designer Jean Paul Gaultier and hair stylist Guido Palau, the 2013 Fall/Winter Jean Paul Gaultier showcases a layered, shocking look. The fluffy short wig is set on the long straight hair of each model. The length and the length can also form two different colors of contrast effect. Then use the styling hair Wig feast gel to make the wig blow up and set the punk style rebellious spirit and trendy women. Temperament is revealed.

Colorful explosion head

On behalf of the T station: Betsey Johnson

The 2013 Betsey Johnson Fall/Winter show is a big explosion of unprecedented color. The colors that you think are impossible to appear on your hair are all on the screen, silver, pink, purple… The model is wearing a colorful explosion wig on the phone. The scissors are laughing and laughing on the stage. The whole show is filled with a happy and joyful atmosphere. People who don’t know will think that the designer is a non-mainstream 90 instead of a grandmother.

Fashion wigs

Fashion wigs Korean glamorous wig style collection

Lead: Keeping the same hair style for too long, even if you look good, it will produce aesthetic fatigue. But going to the barber fashion wigs shop is too troublesome, what should I do? Let’s take a look at several fashion wigs, let your hair look good!

Style1: romantic long curly hair

Fashion wigs

Beautiful index: ★★★★★

Although the long straight hair just coming out of the barbershop is pure and beautiful, but after a long period of loss, the hair is dark and yellow, completely lost the original brilliant luster, so why not try a romantic long curly hair? Not only sweet and beautiful, but also easy to care, do not worry about hair problems.

Fashion wigs Korean glamorous wig style collection

Style2: Personality highlights straight hair

Beautiful index: ★★★★

How to take care of the thick and medium-length hair with a slight curl can not get rid of the messy feeling. After wearing a long straight fashion wigs hair with a highlight, it is pretty fashion. As a hairdresser, don’t miss it.

Style3: beautiful side pony tail

Beautiful index: ★★★★★

The short hair stayed at this length is the most embarrassing, replaced with a long pony tail, the pretty little face is revealed, with an orange headband, showing a stylish temperament.

Style4: thick long curly hair

Beautiful index: ★★★★

Autumn and winter are approaching, how can a thin medium-length hair respond to the cold? Changed to dark brown long curly hair, the fashion wigs styling cover is gorgeous, and it can bring out the white complexion.

Style5: sexy egg roll head

Beautiful index: ★★★★★

The retro style of the egg roll is sexy and sexy, although the straight hair is equally gorgeous, but you have to admit that the fashion wigs curls make the style more full and lively.

Style6: the head of the ball

Beautiful index: ★★★★★

The flower head is sleek and cute, but it is an inevitable injury to the MM who have less hair. Choose a wig with a similar hair color, and the flower head will be full.

Crazy wig on the catwalk Is it exaggerated or practical?

When the models’ hairs could not meet the hairdresser’s needs, the wigs went into battle. Regardless of exaggeration or practicality, wigs are a trend worthy of our attention. If you want to change easily, wigs are a Crazy wig great way to be easy and fast.

When the models’ hairs could not meet the hairdresser’s needs, the wigs went into battle. An international big name has chosen the Crazy wig exaggerated wigs and practical wigs of the show. They are full of drama and make you stunned after seeing them. Some are pragmatic and can give you a lot of inspiration and inspiration.

Crazy wig on the catwalk Is it exaggerated or practical?

Regardless of exaggeration or practicality, wigs are a trend worthy of our attention. Different colors, shapes, textures and lengths bring a variety of fresh styles. If you want to change easily, wigs are a great way to be easy and fast.

“Betsey Johnson’s wig color is not lost to John Galliano’s Spring/Summer 09 show, and even more than that. Just the Betsey Johnson T-style haircut is uniform, all in a bobo short hair style.

Crazy wig
You can often see such a picture: in a pure white look, the purple short hair comes out from the white top hat; or the blue print set with the Crazy wig same color wig. According to the color of the clothes and short hair with different colors, it is also the biggest inspiration for Betsey Johnson.

This hairstyle appears as a “true and false half”. On both sides of the forehead, the black wig and the model’s own blond hair are mixed together and woven into a scattered twist. The remaining hair is wrapped in black mesh fabric behind the head, and some hair is free to float outside the twist, which makes ordinary twists become uncommon.

Of course, in daily life, you may not use such a sharp contrast of gold + black, you can use the wig close to your hair color to Crazy wig imitate the hairpin of the CDG show, the natural transition of color will make the whole more acceptable.

Ok, the show wig shape is converted to pragmatism.
The mushroom head wig has a rounded line, and the lower eyelashes are deliberately emphasized. The models’ eyes are beautiful and the little girl’s innocence is so cute that it looks so cute!

“This hairstyle, called “bowl”, has become more and more red since the fall of the YSL T stage in the fall/winter 08 season. It is often seen in the fall/winter 09 show.

Hair style back detail

Discarding black lips, this wig is still very practical.

“Kai Kühne 09 autumn and winter show we chose the familiar Liu Wen, so you can more clearly see the changes that the wig brought to her. The slightly curly short hair is a little messy, looks very neat, the black teardrop earrings are very good Balanced the blankness of the lower half of the face.

Crazy wig on the catwalk Is it exaggerated or practical?

From the long hair’s elegant to the short hair, Liu Wen’s two styles are very amazing. If you are tired of long hair and want to change style quickly, then the short hair style wig is a A good choice.

If you think this is an ordinary sea, then you are wrong. Don’t think that the faint blue color on the edge of the sea is the lower eyeliner. Is it Crazy wig a blue line that is drawn under the eyes and across the entire face, and the eyes? It is covered up.

The heavy texture, the smooth lines of the brush, the golden wigs and the brown hair conflict of the model, make the girls look mysterious. No Qiliuhai? Let’s take a look at this method, and staying in the sea wig will help you build it. Of course, if you don’t cover your eyes, you will choose your own choice.

Mosaic wigs Splicing contrast wigs hairstyle

In the past two years, after the trend of color and highlights, what new trends are there? That’s right, it’s a wig stitching, using  Mosaic wigsa wig to create a contrast effect that doesn’t hurt the hair, but it’s different in shape!

Mosaic wigs

This is the wig stitching pattern that appeared on the Prada show floor. The stylist broke the inherent pattern of the gradual and highlighting of the previous hot, using the wig to create a contrast effect, the color jump is Mosaic wigsa very innovative, and the layering Also more prominent.

The operation of splicing the hair is very simple. First of all, in order to make the shape more docile, the hair should be combed softly, then the Mosaic wigsa hair should be lifted up, the wig piece different from the hair color should be put on the bottom,

Mosaic wigs Splicing contrast wigs hairstyle

and then the hair should be put down to cover it. In order to better fuse the true and false hair, you can use a hair clip to fix it. In order to Mosaic wigsa avoid leaving the hair clip on the hair, you can use the paper pad underneath!

how about it? Is such a simple step that will make you attractive to everyone? And don’t need to dye hair, there is no worries that will hurt your hair~

Korean style fresh wind wig

Korean style fresh wind wig

The mid-length bangs are slender and curly, exuding a fresh and feminine taste. Glossy long straight hair wig is soft and sexy, gently hanging on the hair extensions shoulders, sexy and charming. The effect of this long bangs can also be achieved with wigs.

Fresh wind wig

Long ponytail wig

A long hair tail wig with a very playful feel. Qi Liuhai wig film repair effect is very obvious, tied low side of the long ponytail, attached to the wig, and then tied with a hair band into a bamboo-like shape, playful and chic.

Long curly hair wig

This bangs-free hair is fresh and incomparable, and the forehead of the white enamel is unobstructed. The full-bodied black wig is blended into your hair and the effect is very natural.

Medium long straight hair wig

The middle and long ponytails are simple and neat and not bloated. Summer is also very suitable. Qi Liu, which is posted on the wig, modifies the hair extensions standard slap face, and uses the wig to easily practice the refreshing hair.

Flower head wig

Korean style flower head is very popular with many Amy MM. Especially in the summer, long hair is tied into a flower hoe, which is simple and simple. And this sweet flower skull shape, you only need a wig to achieve.

Medium long curly hair wig

The long bangs of the forehead use a hair clip to clip out the chic shape, and the high ponytail hair is swaying in a mess, full of tenderness.

Sweet and cute wind wig recommendation, non-mainstream is also beautiful

Many people have stereotypes about non-mainstream hair styles. In fact, some non-mainstream hair styles are also very beautiful. Today, we recommend several wig hairstyles with non-mainstream styles, sweet and lovely, and charming!

Sweet and cute wind wig recommendation

Fashionable dyeing, full of youthful and dynamic atmosphere, very eye-catching. The beautiful hairstyle is matched with Sweet and cute wind wig a delicate red bow hair accessory, which breaks the monotony of the shape and makes the shape more attractive.

Sweet and lovely wind wig

A sweet and lovely non-mainstream wig hairstyle, the supple hair gives the hair a beautiful curvature, the natural curl of the hair tip, injects Sweet and cute wind wig a sense of air into the hair style, and makes the hair style dynamic and dynamic.

The tidy bangs, the sleek look, the curled ends and the stylish hair dye make this hairstyle a distinctive charm.

Sweet and cute wind wig recommendation

This is a typical corn hot hair style, with a very airy micro-curly, can play a significant role in the face, and create a sweet face.

Fluffy long curly hair style, using the middle part of the shape, let you easily cover the round cheeks, instantly present the charm of Sweet and cute wind wig a small face, a delicate braid hair accessories across the forehead, showing a bit of exotic style, different Charm.

A sweet and individual pear hair wig, the hair on both sides of the hair on the cheeks, strong decoration of the small V face, smart and lively hair to get rid of the monotonous shape, let you quickly have a fresh and sweet feeling.