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Black long hair wig

Black long hair wig

This princess-like curly hairstyle is very eye-catching, and wearing this wig is the sweetest dreamy girl in winter. The slanted bangs are Black long hair wig matched with fashionable big curls, and it is perfect with any bow hair accessories!

The well-behaved Qi Liuhai, with long hair that radiates feminine temperament, makes a very ladylike hairstyle, especially gentle girl. The Black long hair wig current popular hair-tail micro-volume perm, the overall is still dominated by straight hair, warm and sweet like a little princess.

Long hair straight hair is most concerned with the suppleness, brown and yellow hair color fashion and enhance the brightness of the skin, Qi Liuhai’s cute plus headband, exudes a sweet and charming atmosphere.

Black long hair wig

Black long hair wig
Scattered long curly hair draped over the shoulders, reddish hair color highlights the lively and playful personality of the little girl, with the age-old bangs, lively and lovely princess image immediately.

The long development of black shows the pure character of girls, bringing out a refined face. The perm treatment of the hair micro-volume is very princess style, and the headband makes this curly hairstyle stand out.

Curved jumping rhythmic curls wrapped around the cheeks, and the rich hair shattered on the shoulders, revealing the pretty girl image.

In the hair, the color of the hair dyed in the hair is Black long hair wig more fashionable, and the curly hair at the beginning of the bar is full of feminine beauty. Abundance of hair on the shoulders creates a charming romantic atmosphere.

Silky long straight hair, cute and sweet. Long straight hair is a hairstyle that many girls like, and if you are worried about taking care of it, try this wig, with a bow that is more pure and princess.

Long curly hair with a trend of style has always been favored. The delicate curvature combined with the dark brown hair color, plus a slightly curved bangs, the fashion princess is none other than you.