Do You Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

Currently, around 18% of homes in the UK have a conservatory — that’s around 1 in 5 households.

This is a fairly high number, but it’s not overly surprising due to both the aesthetic and functional benefits of this additional living space. And with summer fast approaching, there is no better time of year to consider adding a conservatory to your home.

That being said, if you are considering building a conservatory on your property, it’s a good idea to find out what is involved, and in particular, whether you need planning permission.

Conservatory extension costs

Building an extension onto your home doesn’t have to resemble a single room composed completely of brickwork.

Using a conservatory as your extension could be one of the best ways to add space to your home. Not only are conservatories a unique way to add extra space to your property, but they also add plenty of light.

Large glass panels are perfect for growing exotic plants, reading under and generally creating a summery feel.

House extension ideas

If you’re considering adding some extra space onto your home, then you will want to use it wisely.

The best steps to take when planning an extension are to fully consider how it could be most efficiently used within your household.

If you’re reluctant to move house, but just need that little bit more room, then it’s time to start mapping out where to add the extra space onto your home.

How much is the average home extension in the UK?

For those who have minimal space in their homes, a home extension is incredibly appealing.

Adding extra space onto your home could open up smaller rooms or make popular spaces far more intuitive, such as installing Bi-Folding Doors or adding an ensuite to a bedroom or a dining room to a kitchen.

If you are looking to expand your home and boost its kerb appeal, then here is the price threshold you will be looking at.