Composite doors

Composite Door

If you’re based in the UK and are considering a composite door then look no further. This type of door is perfect for anyone who wants to update the entrance to their home in a way that is classy and elegant but doesn’t look too industrial or modern. As well as being able to imitate more traditional materials, they are sturdy and built with resilience and security in mind. They’re perfect for anyone who wants a sturdy door that keeps both the elements and intruders out.

How long will it take to install a composite door?

You will be happy to know that it takes far less than a day to install a composite door. It will take the installers around three to four hours which means you won’t be waiting around for days on end for the job to get finished.

Costs for composite doors

Believe it or not, there is no one set price for a composite door – even for individual retailers. The price of your new door will very much depend on its size and the colour or effect you choose. When it comes to just opting for pure white, you can expect to pay just under £2,000 for a 200mm x 2100 mm door or around £100-250 more for larger sizes. If you are opting for a wood-effect door, then the price does increase slightly, purely for the more realistic design. You can expect to pay just under £2,500 for the smallest size of 200mm x 2100 mm, and around £150 – £250 more for larger sized doors.

Composite Front Door

What are they made of?

As the name suggests, composite doors are created for a mixture of materials. Different materials have a variety of benefits, of course, and composite doors utilise all of these strengths. So, as opposed to having a door that is just made from UPVC or timber, you will have one that is made from both and a few other materials including glass and metals, or as is very common, fibreglass. This makes the door incredibly strong and durable, giving you some peace of mind when you hit the pillow at night.

Why choose composite?

If you find yourself debating over whether to choose wooden doors for their texture and appeal or sacrifice aesthetic for a more robust plastic version, then know that you don’t have to compromise. One of the main appeals of composite doors is their ability to mimic wood finishes without the hassle of having to choose real wood. Unlike genuine timber they don’t warm and don’t require maintenance to make them look great all year. Your door will never crack, but should you accidentally scratch it, these are usually easily hidden.

Composite doors may just be your holy grail if you’ve been hunting for the most robust timber for your front door. You needn’t pick just one type of door, and have to sacrifice texture for security. These doors will keep draughts out and ensure that you never have to worry about the material warping in the heat or cold.