Conservatory extension costs

uPVC Conservatory

Building an extension onto your home doesn’t have to resemble a single room composed completely of brickwork.

Using a conservatory as your extension could be one of the best ways to add space to your home. Not only are conservatories a unique way to add extra space to your property, but they also add plenty of light.

Large glass panels are perfect for growing exotic plants, reading under and generally creating a summery feel.

What are the costs?

The cost of your new conservatory will depend entirely on the size of the building you’re looking to draw up plans for.

For example, you can get what is referred to as a ‘lean-to’ conservatory for anything between £6,000 – £8,000. This is based on the dimensions of 3.2m wide and 2m deep.

This style is given the ‘lean-to’ name due to its roof. The top of this type of conservatory leans upwards against the side of your home’s walls, creating a slanted-style roof.

This type of extension would be ideal for a small reading or social area, or perhaps even a little dining room to spend time in as a family.

If you are looking for a larger extension, then you’ll be heading into the tens-of-thousands. Something along the lines of an Edwardian or P-shaped extension conservatory will cost above £11,000.

If you want something particularly elaborate and beautiful, then you should expect to pay around the region of £40,000. Orangeries are a pleasant compromise between a traditional extension (brick walls, patio doors) and glass panels.

Somewhere in between the two are Victorian conservatories. These cost around the £8,000 mark too and will afford you a lot of space. This could be well worth saving up the extra grand or so for if your priority when extending your home was to create extra room.

Don’t cut corners

Inside Conservatory

Adding an extension is often a way of creating a pleasant airflow throughout the home. It’s ideal for the summer months to have light beaming in through the glass pains and a movement of air that flows through the room by keeping the doors open on warmer days.

However, in order to have achieve this, it is advised that the glazing used is high-spec, meaning double or triple-glazed. This is purely for your comfort.

Your conservatory extension will have to be just as inviting and pleasant during the winter months, and cutting corners could see you regretting your cheaper glazing options.

Instead of opting for inefficient glass or materials, opt for cheaper methods of double-glazing, such as uPVC. It’s not as expensive as an aluminium frame and it is particularly good for keeping the warm inside and the cold outside.

Adding an extension in the form of a conservatory is the perfect way of adding plenty of light to the back of your home. They are also the perfect place to host friends and family throughout the year.

When it comes to considering costs, ask yourself exactly what you want from your extension and sit down with a professional so that you can discuss your options in more detail.