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Five fairy long wigs, sweet and stylish

Guide: Short hair MMs have to buy a long wigs beautiful long-volume wig for themselves, when a long hair beauty! Natural and stylish! Don’t miss it!

Hair style is very important, different hair styles are different with clothes, long hair is the most versatile, you can short hair and short hair, you can design a variety of beautiful hair. Long long hair always gives a feeling of beauty. Therefore, the short hair girl is very envious of other people’s long hair fluttering, then give yourself a different experience, buy a beautiful wig, immediately let yourself short hair and long hair!

Wig hairstyle

long wigs

This fluffy matt long curly hair and pear ponytail are long wigs drape and are made from high quality matte silk. The color of the linen is very suitable for the MM of the white skin! It looks unique! Very sweet and very cute!

Wig hairstyle 2

Five fairy long wigs, sweet and stylish

The first feeling is that MM is very sweet and cute! Very Japanese little girl fan! I can’t see at all that she is wearing a wig, very natural. This Qi Liuhai pear wig, big wave curly hair design, golden brown hair dye, all look MM’s skin is very white and tender, but also looks particularly delicate and compact!

Wig hairstyle three,

This long-volume wig, the classic Qi Liuhai, and the long wigs layered wavy curly hair design make the MM wearing it look particularly soft and pure! It seems that MM is as beautiful as a Barbie doll!

Wig hairstyle 4

Deep maroon dyeing hair, it seems that MM is a special ruddy and delicate skin, corn hot curly hair design, very retro temperament! Qi Liu, who is buckled inside, looks full of forehead, perfect for the face, small and exquisite. Such a cute corn hot curly hair is very popular with MM!

Wig hairstyle 5

Black and natural micro-volume long hair, the middle of the bangs design, very pure sweet, realistic effect, looks very natural. Short hair MM, if you long wigs wear such a volume wig, your temperament has completely changed! Very stylish and sweet, fresh and natural!

These five long-volume wigs, which one do you like? Very natural and very stylish! Don’t miss it!