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flower head wigs

Sweet pear flower head curl wig flower head wigs

Lady Gaga’s bow wigs are worn with thick wavy hair with a flower head wigs matching bow wig and black-framed glasses for the college-style Lolita.

The Japanese hair style of the street violent people, this is a sweet pear head, with a silver-colored highlighting sword on one side turned into a bad girl, full of personality.

Princess style small loli, the heavy volume is the basis of the shape, the six-four-point oblique bangs and the long curly hair of the coil, the top of the head is blown high and the wig is hidden and decorated with a noble atmosphere.

The sweet side is tied, the bangs are slanted, and the long hairs of the cheeks are hanging down to create a small face effect. The braided hair band with the hair color is slightly ethnic, and the electric eye of the long eyelashes is full.

Sweet pear flower head curl wig flower head wigs

flower head wigs

The non-mainstream hair style of the visual system is full of Qi Liuhai, and the curls of the explosion head are tied into a ponytail. The flower head wigs  light gold hair dye is very dazzling, and the Korean hair accessories are very playful.

The cute and popular Liu Hai, which is unchanging, shows a handsome double horsetail. The light color dyeing makes the curling level more obvious, and the scratched and slightly dry hair creates a three-dimensional curvature.

Non-mainstream can also shape the lady’s hairstyle, the long hair of the wave curl is tied into a high ponytail, the curls are hanging down on Fashion Korean wigs one side like a waterfall, and the lace-shaped headband adds a non-mainstream atmosphere.

The celebrity’s breathless non-mainstream wig, neatly flower head wigs dressed bangs to modify the facial lines, the top of the towering arc has a retro flavor, with a wig bow and hairpin decoration, exudes extravagant temperament.

A non-mainstream hairstyle with a rebellious personality, the asymmetrical design reveals a self-style, with a sweet pear-head curl on one side and a fluffy ponytail with bow-hair hair on the other.