House extension ideas

If you’re considering adding some extra space onto your home, then you will want to use it wisely.

The best steps to take when planning an extension are to fully consider how it could be most efficiently used within your household.

If you’re reluctant to move house, but just need that little bit more room, then it’s time to start mapping out where to add the extra space onto your home. You could even consider generating renewable energy from your current home to allow you to save for your renovations, something like solar panels would help you do this!

Here are some potential uses for either a single or double-storey extension. 


Kitchen windows

One of the most appealing ways to use an extension is to add a much more spacious kitchen-diner.

If you believe that the heart of the home is truly the kitchen, then this could be the best use of your investment.

You could even use it to open up the kitchen itself and add more cupboard space, and maybe even a kitchen island for good measure. 

Ensuite bathroom 

En suite Bathroom

If you have a growing family, finding key spaces that are for just you and not the little ones is important.

Having an ensuite bathroom provides you with that little bit of sanctuary (or in theory, at least.)

Adding a second-storey (or single-storey if you’re in a bungalow) enables you to have that much-deserved extra room to add on an extra bathroom, which is convenient for the early hours of the morning. 

Extra bedroom

When you have small children, extra bedroom space is a life-saver. While it could be argued that it matters less to share bedrooms when they’re smaller (after all, toddlers and infants have far fewer belongings than a teenager, say) they will start to grow up quicker than you realise. 

A conservatory 

uPVC Conservatory

If you want a single-storey extension, but aren’t quite sure that you want an extra building attached to your home, then a conservatory is the perfect compromise.

A lean-to conservatory, in particular, adds light and enough space to make your home feel more roomy.

A conservatory doesn’t just have to be a space to read on warm days, but it can also be a great option for a dining room or an entertainment room for when you have guests round. 

Build on top of an attached garage

Building over the top of an attached garage is a great way to add an extra room without having to factor space into your garden or surrounding space.

This will be on the second floor of your home, so it could be turned into an extra bedroom, or perhaps even a roomy en-suite bathroom. 

When it comes to deciding on what to do with your extension, it’s important to think about what your home truly needs.

If you have a growing family, then bedrooms and bathrooms are likely to be your first priority. On the other hand, if your small kitchen has always been a bug-bear of yours, then this should be a big consideration for you.

If you have minimal funds to work with, then your needs and ‘must-haves’ should take priority over your general ‘wants.’