Is it worth getting solar panels on an extension?

Adding solar panels to your home is not only useful for protecting the environment, but also for cutting bills.

After building an extension, for example, you may be considering adding solar panels to it to boost your green credentials.

Deciding to go down this route can also be an appealing option if you are concerned about a rise in your energy bills as a result of increased energy use.

So, if you have a bit of an extra budget to install solar panels, here’s what to consider for your extension. 


If you have a single-storey extension, you will need to be careful about how shady the roof is.

It might not be worth installing solar panels on the extension roof if it is covered in shade for most of the day. You might benefit from getting them installed on the roof of the original building, as this will likely keep them free of shade from trees and other buildings.

However, an engineer will give you more information on this when they come to survey the building. 

If, however, you have invested in a two-storey extension, this could be the ideal opportunity to install new solar panels. The more roof space you have, the better.

This means you have more room to add solar panels to your property, and therefore benefit from more of the sun’s energy.

It’s far better to have more space to play with than minimal room. In fact, reduced space on your roof could lead to you needing to add extra structures to support the solar panels. 


Solar Panels on UK House

Your new extension could provide you with the ideal place to install your solar panels if it is high and south-facing.

While you can still install solar panels on roofs that face in other directions, this will generate the highest energy-yield.

If you have recently invested in a new extension that is south-facing, then this could be the ideal opportunity to install solar panels, as this will put them in the best possible place to start soaking up the sun’s rays. 


If you’re concerned about an up-spike in your bills as a result of expanding your home, then a solar panel could help stop this increase.

If it’s electricity in particular that you’re concerned about, then photovoltaic panels are the best options. When it comes to ways of powering your appliances, sunlight itself is completely free of charge.

Once you’ve paid for the cost of the initial installation, you can start to benefit from the reduction in your energy bill costs. 

If you have recently put money into a two-storey extension, then this could be a great opportunity to get solar panels installed.

You may have increased bills as a result of the extra space needed for heating and electrics, and solar panels could help cut any hikes in your utility bills.

Not only that, but you could have potentially more room on the roof itself to have the panels installed.