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Mosaic wigs Splicing contrast wigs hairstyle

In the past two years, after the trend of color and highlights, what new trends are there? That’s right, it’s a wig stitching, using  Mosaic wigsa wig to create a contrast effect that doesn’t hurt the hair, but it’s different in shape!

Mosaic wigs

This is the wig stitching pattern that appeared on the Prada show floor. The stylist broke the inherent pattern of the gradual and highlighting of the previous hot, using the wig to create a contrast effect, the color jump is Mosaic wigsa very innovative, and the layering Also more prominent.

The operation of splicing the hair is very simple. First of all, in order to make the shape more docile, the hair should be combed softly, then the Mosaic wigsa hair should be lifted up, the wig piece different from the hair color should be put on the bottom,

Mosaic wigs Splicing contrast wigs hairstyle

and then the hair should be put down to cover it. In order to better fuse the true and false hair, you can use a hair clip to fix it. In order to Mosaic wigsa avoid leaving the hair clip on the hair, you can use the paper pad underneath!

how about it? Is such a simple step that will make you attractive to everyone? And don’t need to dye hair, there is no worries that will hurt your hair~