New double glazing for an extension

Window Installation

If you’re thinking of getting an extension on your home, then you should also think about the fundamental practicalities of how it will be built.

Getting double-or triple glazing installed into your extension has a number of benefits, and it will ensure that your home maintains its value.

Here are a number of reasons for installing double-glazing into your new investment. 

Kerb appeal

Extensions, if crafted well, will add value to your home. They are one less item for the new owners to add themselves, and they show that the home has already been worked on.

When your extension is being constructed, you want to ensure that it won’t have to be improved on by future owners.


It would be disappointing to invest so much time and effort into building an extension, only for it to be uncomfortable to spend time in.

Double-glazed windows trap heat far more effectively than single-glazed versions, which help to keep every room warm and comfortable.

If you are installing an extension to open out your living room, you want to ensure that it’s possible to spend both your afternoons and evenings in it without having to constantly run the heating. 

Saving money

Even if you opt for a modest-sized extension, you will still be spending a sizeable chunk of your savings and funds on the project. You, therefore, want to ensure you save money where you can.

You will have to heat a larger square-footage of property once you add an extension, and so double-glazing will help to minimise this extra cost by keeping your energy bills lower. 

Noise reduction

uPVC Windows on new build house

If your new extension is functioning as an extra bedroom, then you want to ensure that it is as quiet and peaceful as possible so that whoever is sleeping in there isn’t kept awake all night due to the noises going on outside.

Newer, uPVC models of double-glazing have an even bigger gap in between the two glass panels, meaning that it’s now even more effective at excluding noise than older double-glazing versions.

This means your extension will be well worth the investment if your guests or family members can get to sleep soundly at night. 

Safety and security

As well as all the insulation benefits, double-glazing is far safer and secure than single-glazed panes. You want to protect your investment, and so adding any security features is well worth your time.

It’s far harder to smash a double-glazed window, as the air between the two panes is said to act as a shock absorber. This is a particularly pertinent issue if you have a single-storey extension. 

When you invest money in an extension, no matter how old it is, you want to ensure that it retains its value. Installing double-glazing is just one way of ensuring that it maintains its kerb appeal for generations to come.

On a practical level, you also want to ensure your extension is pleasant enough to spend time in. If it’s a bedroom you want to be able to sleep quietly, and if it’s a social space you want to keep it free of cold air.