long straight hair wig

Oblique bangs long straight hair wig

Different hairstyles for 7 days a week, I don’t know if there is any MM or Xiaobian, I have had this dream. Now this netizen MM A 4 is realized long straight hair wig with a wig! Let’s take a look at her amazing hairstyle! If you want to be smart, you can definitely meet your requirements!

NO.1 oblique bangs short hair wig

The oblique bangs have the effect of lengthening the face, and the short straight hair is very refreshing. I have always admired the short-haired girl’s cool and handsome posture, this short hair really makes A 4 too full of practical addiction.

NO.2 oblique bangs long curly hair wig

A 4 super love of a medium long curly hair, dark brown is very natural and very versatile. Petite MM can try this length of curly hair, neither too long and cumbersome but also charming, really good!

NO.3 flat bangs retro short curly hair wig

Ping Liu will show a round face, girls who want to make themselves look more cute can try. The fashion trend has been a reincarnation for 20 years. This short curly hair fully satisfies the pursuit and imagination of A4.

NO.4 oblique bangs long straight hair wig

long straight hair wig

The long hair style is always the best partner for the autumn, and the face repair effect is just right. Whether it’s matching pants or dresses, it’s good.

NO.5 oblique bangs natural volume long hair wig

The long curly hair that has the perfect natural curvature is the dream of A 4 hours. A little boy felt that only a girl with beautiful long curly hair could be long straight hair wig called a “beauty”! ! Maybe A 4 is not so soft and beautiful, but this long curly hair can really help A4 to find a soft feeling~~

NO.6 flat bangs micro-volume medium long hair wig

Light brown hair color with brightly colored tops, slightly raised hair ends add a playful feeling. Very suitable for a lively girl!

NO.7 oblique bangs short curly hair wig

A 4 recently short-haired short hair, according to their preferences to long straight hair wig take care of neat or chaotic effects. There will be no different feelings!

NO.8: White flat bangs BOB head wig

Finally, I will show you the baby at the bottom of the A4 pressure box. This is a gift from a good friend a year ago. When used in a 4th performance, it will definitely detonate the shape of the audience~~ Super love~!

Give a little advice to the MM who loves beauty:

The middle whirl of the wig should be aligned with the top of long straight hair wig our head. It will be natural to find the right position.