wig ponytail

Wig ponytail makes you youthful and eye-catching

Many girls think that the ponytail is too monotonous. Some of the crushing hairs are really not very optimistic. Today Xiaobian recommended 6 stylish and energetic wigs, allowing you to have a stylish and beautiful wig ponytail shape. .

How to make a girl’s wig ponytail hairstyle look good? This gradient color wig ponytail, the side of the tie hair design, with oblique bangs cut, face and face, sweet smile, youthful and pretty.

wig ponytail

This golden tung color curly ponytail is highly sturdy and full of youthful vitality.

Amy is the vocation of every girl, but how to manage hair is more beautiful and beautiful? This long high ponytail hairstyle, the ponytail is treated as a braided shape, exquisite and eye-catching.

Wig ponytail makes you youthful and eye-catching


How do you look good in the middle and long hair? Brown hair, take care of the shape without bangs, take Liu Hai as a fluffy look, with a  fashion ladies wigs towering curly ponytail, a delicate face, and a pretty fashion.

How to curl up the hair is more attractive? The brown long-haired curly hair style, simply tied into a towering ponytail, with a sweet smile without bangs, delicate and lively.

No bangs hairstyle, but very picky, this bangs-free high ponytail hairstyle, supple long straight hair, natural behind the back, with a white sweet smile, highlighting the youthful and playful style. Produced by Xiufa

short wig

Short wig, give a girl who doesn’t dare to cut short hair

Short wig linen gray with short hair, neat hairline, covering the cheek with one side of the bangs, the other side behind the ear, elegant and intellectual. The short-haired pear head of the mature style, with natural black, is both stylish and line-like.

Short wig, give a girl who doesn’t dare to cut short hair

The linen gray is divided into short hair, neatly hairline, covering the cheek with one side of the bangs, and the other side behind the ear, elegant and intellectual.

The short-haired pear head of the mature style, with natural black, is both stylish and line-like.

The mature pear flower is scalded, the bangs are sideways, and the tail has a micro-volume shape, which makes the MM’s face look more perfect.

The arc-shaped BOB short wig, the black-brown hair color is soft and shiny, and the tail buckle is more youthful and cute.

The hot short hair wig gives a feeling of alternative and youthful vitality. It is very tender and tender. If you want to tie a short hair, you can try it.

short wig

The chocolate-colored hair color highlights the girl’s most natural and purest atmosphere, and the campus style is very strong. The contrast between Qi Liuhai and the hair extensions on both sides highlights the girl’s docile and well-behaved temperament. This girl-like girl who is next to her does not love.

wig chignon

What is the meaning of wig chignon?

When a girl is doing hair, the hair is always raised, so what is the meaning of a girl’s curiosity, what kind of hairstyle can be called a hairpin? How is the wig used? In the various wig hairpin making tutorials for girls, learn to match wigs, not only to consider the relationship between their hair style and wigs, but also to refer to the girl’s wigs in which position is fixed. Wear it, here is the tutorial of the wig chignon!

Don’t want bangs girls’ wigs and high-tied hair styles, using the same line of curly hair as the hair color, girls without bangs wigs and high-end hair styles, after twisting the hair has fluffy curls, the hair is still Very stereoscopic.

What is the meaning of wig chignon?

wig chignon

Most of the wigs are fixed directly with hair clips, and the other is that the wig with clips is hollow and the inside is hollow, making it easier to fix the hair strands.

Don’t let the girls in the bangs tie their hair, put the hair completely to wig chignon the hair roots, and tie the hair on the top into a twisted hair.

p> After adjusting the wig, fix the hairpin directly from the  side after fixing the position of the scalp head.
The hair of the hair plate inside is bigger, and the girl’s wig is more full. Girls’ wigs and haircuts should have a slightly three-dimensional sense of neatness. When haircuts are used with wigs, they are more tangled curls.

Perfect wig

Perfect wig, goddess must

Lead: Goddess daily long hair or short hair style are beautiful, is the focus of everyone, but when they wear unsuitable wigs, they will be Perfect wig spoiled whether they offend the stylist. Looking at the wig pattern of the above goddess, I couldn’t help but ask how hot the wig is? Is everyone wanting to compare with Cleopatra?


Tang Wei wig

Tang Hao’s daily hair style is sweet and lovely, and her wig shape makes her star taste less. The short bangs have no sweetness in the past, and the shaving effect is not good. It looks like the face is bigger than the long hair, which is Perfect wig really not as good as her long hair style. .


Tang Wei wig

When he was silently broadcast, the wig shape in Tang Yin’s play suffered a lot of spit, but Xiaobian wanted to say that the wig shape inside was not the worst. Before Tang Yin’s anti-Japanese drama, Qi Liu Haibo’s head shape was even worse. Suitable for her, completely cover her sweet temperament.

Perfect wig, goddess must


Fan Bingbing wigPerfect wig

The beauty of Fan Bingbing is very diligent as a spokesperson for wigs, and he will wear wigs from time to time. Fan Ye’s long hair is sweet Perfect wig and lovely, and the whole person looks very youthful, but Qi Liu Haibo’s wig shape is good, but it looks old.


Fan Bingbing wig

Fan Ye’s mid-length fluffy long hair is not only beautiful, but also full of momentum. The fake short hair of the lid is not so glamorous.

Trend wig

Trend wig Lady Gaga latest hairstyle

At the International Consumer Electronics Show held on January 7th, local time, Lady Gaga appeared to be a lot Trend wig of fans excited. Miss Yan showed off her latest “Gaga hairstyle” – the wig of the explosion wig, and it became the focus of the audience!

The New Year has a weather, and the star shape has also changed! 2009 is full of thunder, our fashion queen, Lady Gaga, brought her latest thunder style at the beginning of 2010! At the International Consumer Electronics Show held on January 7th, local time, Lady Gaga appeared to be a lot of fans excited.

Miss Yan showed off her latest “Gaga hairstyle” – the wig of the explosion wig, and it became the focus of the audience! What excites fans is that at this fair, Lady Gaga has also become the creative director of Polaroid, and also Trend wig created a special product for Polaroid. It is really a combination of “super crossover”.

Trend wig Lady Gaga latest hairstyle

Trend wig

The trend of bow wigs led by Miss Yan in 2009 has been going on for a whole year. It seems that the “explosive straw hat” is going to be popular in 2010. Follow it, fashion all!

But Lady Gaga has a lot of thunder, she is more popular music! The 36th Annual People’s Choice Awards in 2010 just came to an end on January 6th. Although Lady Gaga did not attend the awards ceremony, one person won two prizes – the best pop singer award and the best breakthrough award. The biggest winner of the night.

Lady Gaga is cross-border! She became the creative director of Trend wig Polaroid and designed the product for Polaroid – I really look forward to it!

It turns out that this straw hat head still has this function? Can’t take a face, you can avoid a lot of gossip~

This angle is the best, “Fo Guang” is wrapped Sweet wind wig around the head

Lady Gaga’s latest magazine cover – “944” February 2010 issue

2010, please be more violent! Followed by, all fashions have ~

Large roll wig

Large roll wig perm

The sister papers that are hesitant between short hair and long hair can try this simple and practical wig wave hair style. The simple Qi Liu Hai hair Large roll wig style and the brown wig wave hair style in the form of the buckle are equally lively and lovely.

A romantic and beautiful style of 2015 fashion wig long hair hairstyle, fresh and low-key hair color with semi-circular oblique bangs hairstyle, and waist-style Korean water wave long hair perm adds romantic temperament.

Large roll wig perm

Large roll wig

The slightly subtle hair style perfectly presents the girl’s delicate goose face, while the fresh and elegant mid-length hair wig design is as elegant and charming as the hairpin buckle.

The bright and warm orange-colored hair color is the main color to Large roll wig bring out the whitening radiance of the girl’s complexion, and the design of the rich long curly hair wig is as gentle and eye-catching.

Paired with black and beautiful natural hair color to add girls’ pure temperament, and the thick oblique bangs and the abundance of shoulders in the long hair and a large volume of wigs perm is also very gentle and feminine.

The fresh and dynamic air bangs hairstyle is the sweetest and Large roll wig cutest feeling of the girl, while the dark brown low-key hair color and the medium-length wig shape of the broken hair form are gentle and feminine.

Fashion Korean wigs

Fashion Korean wigs

A ladylike full-fashioned girl’s fashion pear flower wig hairstyle, using a bangs-style descriptive hairstyle to highlight the delicate sense of fashion Korean wigs the girl’s facial features, and with this shoulder-style fluffy pear flower hot shape and warm hair color more obvious Gentle temperament lady.

A sweet and cute short hair wave wig picture, cute little roll and inner buckle match, not only fashionable but also very small face, with the air bangs very realistic.

For the long-faced girls, this stylish shoulder-length fashion Korean wigs hairstyle is a good choice. The sweet thin bangs are matched with the fashionable medium-length hair, and the small volume that is pleading is natural and beautiful.

Fashion Korean wigs

The sweet Qi Liu Haibo wave head is a good choice, a stylish flat bangs and a tail buckle to outline the incomparable fashion sense, and this brown hair color is very eye-catching.

One is a sweet picture of a long hair pear head wig, and the small tail of the tail outlines a chic fashion sense, and with the bangs reveals a personality and a fashion Korean wigs sweet lady style.

Fashion Korean wigs

The stylish short curly hair wig picture looks very cute and has personality. It is very suitable for girls. It is not only fashionable but also fits the fashion Korean wigs taste of girls. It is very cute and individual.

pear flower head curls

Pear flower head curls

Guide: In the middle of the pear flower fashion wig, create a fashionable and pretty new image, the beauty of the trend at the forefront must first have a fashionable pretty hair style, match the handsome face shape, and the style of pear flower head curls the clothing, a stylish and beautiful hairstyle, Instantly add enough points to the overall temperament, even if the girl looks plain, now let’s take a look at the confidence that the middle frog flower head fashion wig brings us!

In the middle of the pear flower fashion wig, create a stylish and pretty new image, with a proud hair, can also have the same confidence and temperament of beans!

1, fashion people in the pear flower head curls

pear flower head curls

Fashion Review: A beautifully-loved pear hair curl can not only visually shorten the face, make the face full and cute, small face is pleasant, with short curly hair, pretty charming, feminine !

2, Ruili model interpretation of the Korean version of the pear head short curly hair

Fashion Review: Fashion short curly pear head, sweet and pear flower head curls pleasant, youthful and playful, hair curls and waves highlight the sexy charm, the little woman is full.

3, long curly fluffy face in the wig pear head

Fashion Review: The middle point is a kind of feeling of free and free, not sticking to the unchanging format, flexible and pretty, suitable for pear flower head curls a wide range of faces, belonging to the versatile long-volume pear head, combined with the medium long hair, has a special charm temperament!

4, fashion short straight in the pear head linen Japanese wig

Fashion Review: The Japanese flower is pear flower head curls divided into pear heads. It has a unique book temperament, quiet and beautiful, very clean and simple taste, with a very fresh temperament!

In the middle of the pear flower fashion wig, create a stylish and pretty new image, and different types of middle pear hair wigs, can also make you become a beautiful woman.

human hair extensions

Human Hair Extensions Wig tutorial illustration

Guide: Many MM bought a wig but did not know how to wear it. How to bring a wig is correct? In fact, wearing a wig is very simple, follow the human hair extensions steps step by step to do it, the following teaches you how to bring a wig, you can make a beautiful hairstyle in 8 steps!

Many MM bought a wig but didn’t know how to bring it. How to bring a wig is correct? In fact, wearing a wig is very simple, follow the steps step by step to do it, the following teaches you how to wear a wig, you can make a human hair extensions beautiful hairstyle in 8 steps!

human hair extensions

Figure 1: Wearing a hair net

Figure 2: Close the mouth at the back of the head, spread the hair evenly around the mouth, so that the top of the head will not be too drum, wearing a wig is more natural. The catch is fixed with a clip. If the activity is severe, a human hair extensions small clip can be placed around the hairline. If MM has long or long hair, you can put your hair on the net before you wear it.

How to bring a wig tutorial illustration, easy 8 steps for you to make a beautiful hairstyle human hair extensions.

Figure 3: Squeeze the middle position on both sides of the wig, wear a wig from the back

Figure 4: Aligning “small ears” on both sides of the temple

Figure 5: After wearing the effect

Figure 6: Grasping the top position of the wig by hand

Figure 7: Preliminary renderings human hair extensions

Figure 8: Finish the bangs with a comb and wear the long curly hair wig.

Is it very simple? A simple 8-step beautiful hairstyle comes out. After learning how to wear a wig, you can buy a lot of beautiful wigs to create a variety of shapes!

long wigs

Five fairy long wigs, sweet and stylish

Guide: Short hair MMs have to buy a long wigs beautiful long-volume wig for themselves, when a long hair beauty! Natural and stylish! Don’t miss it!

Hair style is very important, different hair styles are different with clothes, long hair is the most versatile, you can short hair and short hair, you can design a variety of beautiful hair. Long long hair always gives a feeling of beauty. Therefore, the short hair girl is very envious of other people’s long hair fluttering, then give yourself a different experience, buy a beautiful wig, immediately let yourself short hair and long hair!

Wig hairstyle

long wigs

This fluffy matt long curly hair and pear ponytail are long wigs drape and are made from high quality matte silk. The color of the linen is very suitable for the MM of the white skin! It looks unique! Very sweet and very cute!

Wig hairstyle 2

Five fairy long wigs, sweet and stylish

The first feeling is that MM is very sweet and cute! Very Japanese little girl fan! I can’t see at all that she is wearing a wig, very natural. This Qi Liuhai pear wig, big wave curly hair design, golden brown hair dye, all look MM’s skin is very white and tender, but also looks particularly delicate and compact!

Wig hairstyle three,

This long-volume wig, the classic Qi Liuhai, and the long wigs layered wavy curly hair design make the MM wearing it look particularly soft and pure! It seems that MM is as beautiful as a Barbie doll!

Wig hairstyle 4

Deep maroon dyeing hair, it seems that MM is a special ruddy and delicate skin, corn hot curly hair design, very retro temperament! Qi Liu, who is buckled inside, looks full of forehead, perfect for the face, small and exquisite. Such a cute corn hot curly hair is very popular with MM!

Wig hairstyle 5

Black and natural micro-volume long hair, the middle of the bangs design, very pure sweet, realistic effect, looks very natural. Short hair MM, if you long wigs wear such a volume wig, your temperament has completely changed! Very stylish and sweet, fresh and natural!

These five long-volume wigs, which one do you like? Very natural and very stylish! Don’t miss it!