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Cute wave head wig

Cute wave head wig

The golden brown supple hair makes this most fashionable glamour hairstyle with a silky smooth texture, which can highlight the fashionable taste. Liu Haishun, who is on one side, is slick and docile, covering one side of the eyebrows to show a strong effect of repairing the face. The straight hair on both Cute wave head wig sides of the cheeks is rolled inside the tip of the hair, and the beautiful curvature perfectly depicts the girl’s elegant temperament.

Short perm wig hairstyle

A short, perm hair that expresses a sense of style. The perm on both sides of the cheeks is extremely fluffy, and there are no regular curls piled up at random, which will dye the unrestrained personality. The beautiful slanting bangs draws the beauty of the arc, and the look of the beautiful makeup is more fresh and elegant.

Handsome wave head wig

The slightly messy hair flies out of the beautiful lines, and the contours that are free and easy to express are presented without the contours that can be shaped. Dark brown hair color is steady and subtle, without too much Cute wave head wig exaggeration. The long bangs are skewed to one side, showing a handsome and compelling side while modifying the face.

Oblique branch bangs pear head

This wig-shaped pear head creates a pure and beautiful female student’s image. The inner buckle of the pear blossoms has a black color, which makes the hairstyle look comfortable and sturdy. The bangs design is divided into a little forehead and the face is modified. Create a book of books.

Black wave head wig hairstyle

The supple bangs, the inner curl of the hair, such a simple wave head wig can highlight the pure and beautiful temperament of girls. The pure black hair color is not too much modification, but the girl’s skin color is more rosy, with the delicate facial features, to create a beautiful little girl image.

Straight bangs inside the wave wave head wig

The golden brown wave-head wig makes the whole person immediately show the moving youthful vitality. The supple straight bangs are neat and tidy, emphasizing the charming big eyes of the girls. The curly hair on both sides of the cheeks draws a nice line, depicting the girl’s feminine temperament, and the fashion taste is appreciated.

Supple wave head wig

A sleek, wave-head wig with a lustrous aesthetic that creates a softer feel than real hair. The hairline of the doc is tightly buckled on the cheek, and the nice cut looks stylish and stylish. The deep reddish brown makes this wig look more fashionable and the temperament is highlighted.

Cute wave head wig hairstyle

Cute wave head wig

A cute bobo head is perfect for a sweet girl’s choice. The supple hair is free to fall, and a delicate and radiant hair style is superimposed. The playful oblique bangs extend to the double eyebrows, and the inner buckle hair on both sides of the cheeks emphasizes the beautiful face of the girl, and the cute and cute expression is even more exciting.

Dark brown wave hair type

The dark brown layered wave head design, with a very delicate hair texture, with a stylish hair color with a slight radiance, has a very good Cute wave head wig effect on girls with slightly darker skin. The slanted bangs comb on the forehead, naturally combing the most fashionable charm on the cheek position, the thin feeling is very suitable for the round face.